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Category: Segment LCD module

  1. it is suitable for electric bicycles and electric motorcycles.
  2. Wide operating voltage: 30V---70V. so that it can use for the different battery pack. such as 32V,48V,or 65V.
  3. Ambient temperatue detection on board. the display rang is from 0degree to +80degree
  4. Speed detection on board. it detect the pulse from senor.and then calculate the speed automaticly.finally display the speed number on the LCD panel.The display rang is “0---99km/h” the accuracy is +/- 0.5km.
  5. Odo meter display. it’s a standard ODO meter. It records the device run the total kilometer. The display rang is 0-99999.9km . the accuracy is 0.1km ; at the first time it shows 00000.0km when power on. The display will keep last time kilometer after power on again.
  6. Forward effect display. Speed of the scroll bar will change with the speed of rolling.
  7. MCU is used. Wedevelop software by ourselves.

Disclaimer: This product is customized according to customer requirements. Not to make sales. Here only as a reference.This shows that we have the ability to complete the design of similar products


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