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Active shutter 3D glasses for projector TV & computer

Category: 3D GLASSES

Our first 3D glasses available. This product is suitable for playback on a 3D projector or3D TVor 3Dgames.Stylish & lightweight,comfortable to wear.

Maximized your 3D experience, bring you with colorful and nature 3D vision.


power ON-3D active glasses adopts optimized circuit design to save power, increase working time.40 hours continuously working with one full charge

The 3D active glasses is rechargeable via USB port.


Auto ON/OFF power saving design and the design is extremely to your normal usage

view rang Unmatched viewing and signal receiving angle, allow you to enjoy 3D in any place
IR This series 3D glasses using powerful anti-interference IR communication power, greatly reduced the interference of external ambient light and other infrared signal.
shutter LCD

Shutter technology and high quality LCD, give viewers with the brightest 3D experience.


The DLP 3Dglasses using DLP Link light communication technologies and work with all DLP ready projectors and TVs, greatly eliminating the impact of ambient light.


The Nvidia compatible active 3D glasses work with Nvidia 3D Vision to enable you to play hundreds of classic 3D computer games smoothly.


The lenses of 3D glasses will blink once when the charge of 3D active glasses is low.


This series 3D glasses can automatically synchronizing with the digital projector, no need manual switching.

ON-3D glasses Parameters

Weight Working Mode LCD Refresh Rate Power Supply Battery lifespan Ratio
60g shutter LCD 120Hz Rechargeable Battery 40Hours 200:1
Sync Operation transmittance Working Temp Storage temp StandbyCurrent
IR 38+/-2% 0--50 -10--70 5uA


Recommend Rating:

recommend Rating: 5 star


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Active shutter 3D glasses for projector TV & computer




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