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Category: Graphic LCD module


C X L Item Outer Dimension Viewing Area Dots Size Dot pitch Datasheet Controller
122X32 OVM12232A 84.0*44.0 64.0*17.9 0.40*0.45 0.44*0.49 PDF Download (63k) AX61200D0A


Mechanical dimensions

1. 122 dots X 32 dots matrix.
2. Built-in controller(SED1520D0A or AX6120D0A)
3. Interface with 8-bit
4. 1/32 Duty cycle, 1/6 Bias.
5. Display Mode & Backlight Variations.
6. ROHS Compliant
Mechanical thickness
LCD module T1 T2 Unit
Without or EL 5 10 mm
Edge backlight 9.4 15 mm
Bottom backlight 9.4 15 mm
Mechanical data
Item Standard Unit
Module size 84.0X44.0 mm
View area 64.0X17.9 mm
Dot size 0.40X0.45 mm
Area size 53.64X15.64 mm

Packaging information

OVM12232A pcs/box pcs/carton Gross weight(Kg)
Without backlight 45 450 16
With backlight 45 450 20


Recommend Rating:

recommend Rating: 3 star


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