TV manufacturers want to save betting 3D plasma TV market

update: 8/11/2010 6:10:42 AM


Panasonic, Changhong, two plasma TV market, "a loser", recently announced the launch of 3D plasma TV, the goal is driven by 3D plasma TV market as a whole. However, analysts believe, 3D can save the shrinking plasma TV trend is hard to draw a conclusion.

Yesterday, Panasonic Electric Industrial Co. announced that its 50-inch and 65 inch 3D Plasma TV New official visit in China. Panasonic Electric (China) Co., Ltd. executives said that the release of the 3D plasma to make plasma TVs will open a new era and will bring the whole 2D plasma camp competing for market share.

Prior to the end of July, Changhong executive vice president, multimedia, chairman Lin Maoxiang said more than 40% in high-end Changhong plasma TV in August until the first half of next year, gradually switch to the 3D Opel Korea Plasma TV.

So far, the only remaining main attack global plasma manufacturers have announced the launch of two of the 3D plasma TV products.

Competition in the flat-panel TV battle, the plasma can be described as total defeat in the face of LCD technology. According to Ovid Advisory released sales data show the first half of television, plasma volume has dropped to 4.6%, last year the figure was 5%, compared with 80.5% liquid crystal; proportion of plasma sales have continued to decline to 7.7% last year 8.5% over the same period.

Another statistical agency, even less optimistic. Yee Statistics said in the first half of plasma TV sales market share of 3.8%, less than 4%; sales market share of 5.7%, 8.6% over the same period last year.

3D TV craze for the plasma TV makers has brought new hope. Panasonic and other manufacturers have indicated, 3D plasma and the dynamic effects in the refresh rate is better than LCD technology, but this is still a 2D flat-panel era platitudes, and household appliances Liu Buchen, experts believe, 3D television currently is the transition period, the market has not matured, manufacturers 3D to promote plasma betting market success




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