U.S. Department of Energy even behind the mainstream in 2020 LED lighting Yue

update: 8/12/2010 9:12:58 AM


President Obama move the nation's energy policy on the development of No. "cheap, clean, efficient energy", in which the development of zero energy buildings (Zero Energy Building) for its energy efficiency an important part. DIGITIMES Research Institute of transfer units to reduce lighting energy consumption, zero-energy buildings for the development of one of the necessary conditions, while promoting universal LED lighting will be the United States to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the key.

U.S. Department of Energy statistics 2006, lighting accounted for 11.6% of U.S. residential electricity consumption, 24.8% of commercial buildings. At present, LED lighting in the performance aspects of the United States has reached with traditional lighting competing standards, the promotion of Dan, the biggest problem Zezai Yu Jiageguogao, OLED lighting is not up to the amount Chan stage yes.

In February 2005 a seminar in Santiago based on the results, the U.S. Department of Energy to set up in 2020 to enhance the solid-state lighting efficiency and reduce the price of multi-year development plan for the goal. Program that cold white LED lighting in 2020 the average luminous efficiency goals for the 219 lm / W, OEM price target of one U.S. dollar per thousand lumens; OLED luminaire efficiency goals for the 127 lm / W, OEM price per thousand lumens per target 6 U.S. dollars or 80 U.S. dollars per square meter.

DIGITIMES Research, said the ultimate goal of the development of solid-state lighting to replace conventional lighting and become widely used in daily life products. Solid State Lighting Development Planning Commission has also set up in 2020 to market-driven solid-state lighting development milestones in 2020, the general goal of commercial grade LED lighting (luminaire) luminous efficiency of 140 lm / W or more, the price of 100 dollars ( consider the U.S. price level, and consider factors such as lighting design).

In addition to the U.S. Department of Energy Solid-state lighting to set development goals, but also provide the benefits from R & D to manufacturing money, and in the market to promote solid-state lighting products, support programs, although the amount of investment in R & D to create distributed fairly average, but the LED products manufacturing technology development grants have increased the proportion of the trend, the United States has begun to pay attention LED display manufacturing, hope to achieve by improving production technology cost reduction goals.




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