Beyond LED 3D will dominate the future development of TV industry

update: 8/12/2010 11:18:48 PM


The hottest LED, OLED, 3D three types of technology, who will become the dominant next-generation television? Forum held the day before yesterday, the answer given is 3D.
Experts believe that the current market share increase steadily through the liquid crystal products LED TV LED lamp on the limited technical improvements made to achieve quality upgrade, strictly speaking, only improved, not really a display of technological innovation. Therefore, the current market price of LED televisions is far higher than ordinary LCD television phenomenon and unreasonable. With some manufacturers are now boldly squeezed the price of LED TV "Water", 8,9 months of this year, LED TV, the price is likely as a result of the price of the "Great Diving", which quickly become "commoditised." While the other display technology OLED thin TV products to achieve a significant breakthrough, but because of incomplete industry chain, application cost is very expensive, difficult to present the main home screen size, so in the recent 5-8 difficult to prevail during the year.

"As more and more movies, games and sporting events using 3D technology produced or broadcast, had restricted the development of new sources for 3D problems are gradually resolved; the same time, Changhong, Samsung, Panasonic and other enterprises to increase plasma screen technology research in the realization of 3D plasma TV breakthrough LED technology is relatively difficult for small, relatively low cost, 3D plasma TV as the best carrier, or more favorable for the development of 3D TV provides the facilities. "

China Electronics Standardization Institute clipped said, as early as the beginning of this year, our organizations, technical experts and enterprises on a 3D television industry standards of work. Through investigation and development of the international status of 3D TV, 3D TV standards in China has been basically formed a research and testing methods are being tested with the docking of various enterprises. "3D standard-setting, 3D TV industry in China will play an active role in guiding."

"In such circumstances, 3D will be the next generation of TV display technologies 'master'." Lu Renbo that, according to China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, consumer electronics and technology in offices and Tencent joint investigation, more respondents than Qi Cheng an understanding of the 3D TV, and over half of urban respondents were more 3D TV is full of expectations. According to the professional market research agencies forecast Ovid consultation in 2010, domestic retail sales of 3D TV 2.92 million units in 2011 to 1,926,800 units in 2012 increased to 4,759,900 units; the corresponding product penetration 0.08% , 5.01% and 11.34%. The data show strong momentum 3D TV development. Another well-known market research agency iSuppli expects the global 3D television by 2010 sales reached 420 million units sold in 2011 will reach 12.9 million units in 2012 to reach 27.4 million units.




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