Hot, 3D TV, what is the next trend?

update: 8/17/2010 10:48:05 AM


Time to open up the market segmentation approach three-dimensional (3D) TV, the recent emergence of some products in return for the Patterned Retarder means (polarized light mode) sign.
Or announced in 2010 has put put 3D TV, basically all the time segmentation method used. However, the time segmentation method is alleged to exist the following two questions: (1) quality degradation caused by crosstalk; (2) by means of 3D active shutter glasses in cost, security and compatibility of the flash memory in the subject.

3D LCD TVs generally use the 240Hz-driven LCD panel, while in some products, while also using the scanning LED backlight and other improvements to reduce the crosstalk phenomena. However, the 240Hz panel will occur more than 8% cross-talk, even while scanning will occur 5% crosstalk. The idea that, even, is equivalent to 600Hz plasma TV, but also the probability of occurrence of 3% crosstalk.

(2) on the security of 3D glasses, because glasses are equipped with their own rechargeable batteries and the controller, it will take on the case of the damage occurred, and EMI (electromagnetic interference) and so on response measures. Dominated by large electronics companies in the manufacturing stage, no major problems. However, in the market to expand the stage, by a third party and the low-end manufacturers like, appears, the effectiveness of security measures may be reaching the limit.

3D glasses on the compatibility, in practice there are many restrictions when watching. 3D TV and 3D glasses used for tuning between IR (infrared), because the only straight road of infrared. Currently, Bluetooth is being discussed in other ways, but because of the signal means to change and create the time factor, 3D glasses in the signal can not be compatible. In other words, this year bought glasses (Goggles) To can also be used in a few years later, they need to support backward compatibility, it will naturally become a major factor in the increase in costs.

Start the proposals to strengthen the way Patterned Retarder

Thus, many LCD panel makers began to focus on Patterned Retarder way proposal. Patterned Retarder 3D TV as the way to market in 2009 has been mass produced variety of products, but because of the time segmentation method, compared with the cost and quality are inferior, so the market is turning into a recession. In addition, 3D content to CD-ROM, boxed media (Package Media) as the center, Blu-ray discs can be included in the 3D full HD content, so the major manufacturers put forward to support full HD 3D time division manner, and this is the gradual way Patterned Retarder a major factor in the decline.

However, Patterned Retarder Film (design phase difference film) to improve the supply system, etc., there has been cost reduction trend. In order to build a production system through a great deal of supply, major manufacturers are promoting the improvement of such substrates. Parterned Retarder manner and quality performance perspective there are some restrictions, but also have 3D glasses can be very cheap supply of the advantages.

3D TV in 2011 on the request of direction will be "in the maintenance of 3D image quality on the basis of low price." TV manufacturers plan to expand the 3D TV lineup. However, especially in the 30-inch class screen sizes in the following, if we adopt the 240Hz panel, the cost will be higher, thus the low prices brought by the restrictions. Therefore, consider Parterned Retarder way more and more enterprises.

In addition, the time segmentation method also began efforts to reduce costs. The current development direction is: to improve the image signal or improve their response time LCD panel, thus even lower than 240Hz panel, you can reduce the crosstalk phenomenon is.

The technology and market strategies from 3D TV to inspect and predict future results, will be Aug. 27 at the "8th Workshop TSR 3D display and the status and future projections of business" on release and specific description.




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