No backlit LCD panel? ASUS will use the new electronic paper display book

update: 8/19/2010 12:48:51 AM


The message that comes from DigiTimes: Asustek is preparing to launch in October this year, an 8-inch LCD without backlight to create, with 64 gray scale, touch function, reaction time than the E-ink e-ink e-book screen much faster. The machine and the previous Eee Computex in flat-panel display, said it like that like it a bit like, but one thing is very certain that the proposed price more than the previous estimate of the price some, to 599 (RMB 4,052 yuan, parallel iPad said: ...) level.

Sources also point out that the ASUS and communications industry is seeking the possibility of cooperation in the hope of so that the products will become closer to (but more tied up about fees paid) sales price (which moves mean that the product may be built 3G chip?).




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