AUO first production for the Chinese market 65-inch ultra-stereoscopic 3D LCD

update: 8/19/2010 11:02:32 PM


AU Optronics today announced that the official took the lead for the Chinese market volume the size of the current global commercialization of the largest 3D LCD panel -65 inch ultra-stereoscopic 3D LCD TV screen. Type of polarization leading technology, excellent cost-effective and user-friendly green design, sure to spark a new revolution in home audio-visual, large-screen 16:9 wide viewing angle to provide more added with more lifelike presence, even if enough consumers no account can also be healthy to enjoy without worry AUO innovative 3D technology brings the visual feast. AUO first mainland China production for three-dimensional 3D Ultra LCD TV screen, AUO deep plowing is reflected in China's determination and commitment.

2011, China will become the world's largest LCD TV consumer market, as the market prospects, the Chinese 3D industry will like gangbusters. Established in March this year, "3D TV technology in China to promote Union" to promote the domestic household to upgrade the overall 3D industry chain, China's first 3D TV series "Journey to the West Wu Cheng-en and" Reying and China before 3D TV channel will begin broadcasting this year's pilot news, both for exploring the 3D market into the vitality of China. Out of high-end 3D TV kind of consideration of the benefits of the brand, AUO 65-inch ultra-stereoscopic 3D LCD screen production right moment, will work together with the TV brand, the new Chinese consumer The 3D shocking visual experience.

AUO executive vice president of global operations, said Mr. Peng Shuanglang: "AUO active 3D technology and product development, technical innovation has been a leading position in the market, is the first to 'stop' production of 3D LCD screen manufacturers. 65-inch 3D stereoscopic LCD TV screens over the launch of our 3D business development is an important milestone, further enriched the AUO's product lines, providing customers with more sophisticated and more competitive choice. AU Optronics For a long time continue to cultivate the mainland market, and continue to strengthen its TV brand vendors to work closely to provide customers with real-time and higher value-added services. We hope over 65-inch 3D stereoscopic LCD screen production, and deepen the China market layout, with its partners continue to enhance the consumer audio-visual experience. "

Different from the traditional LCD screen, ultra-stereoscopic LCD panel is a revolutionary advanced technology, the LCD screen into a new era of technology evolution. Up to the launch of Friends of polarized 3D glasses with 65-inch 3D LCD screen positioned ultra-high-end stereo LCD TV products, is currently the world's largest 3D LCD TV commercial screen, using the industry-leading 3D display technology, in terms of performance and prices are very competitive. Consumers only need to wear polarized 3D glasses, you can enjoy the excellent high-quality, high brightness of the three-dimensional image effect. 3D polarized glasses this is not only low price, light weight, comfortable to wear, but no additional infrared receiver can not produce electromagnetic waves, 3D green and healthy products for consumers in human experience and feelings .

With the polarizing-type technology, the naked eye technology industry-leading technologies, and in the market and cost leadership, AUO rapid development in the 3D field, impressive, now has 32-inch to 65 inches from the complete 3D product line Plan the first half of 2011, the number of products can be full. Has a "super-dimensional LCD screen of the" father of the AU, is the world's first use of leading independent production of polarized light-based technology companies over three-dimensional LCD screen, from the glass into the output of LCD super-solid, all- AUO independently, complete production line and production capabilities, making it the world's first to "train" over three-dimensional volume LCD manufacturers. The future, AUO will continue to develop larger, 3D LCD panel and LCD screen 3D naked eye, and strive to make consumers feel at home, you can spot such as the cinema-like shock effect. In addition to LCD TV applications, the AUO also plans to develop the application notebook, desktop displays, digital photo frame, mobile phones and public displays, and other areas of 3D products.

AUO has always been adhering to the deep plowing the determination of the mainland market, the current strategy distribution in the Chinese market in full swing. AUO positive and appliance manufacturers in China to establish a close partnership to create a back-module plant, the scope of services from the east, south, north and southwest across the region, covering Suzhou, Xiamen, Guangdong, Hefei, Qingdao, Mianyang, Sichuan Province and other places, can be nearby localities to respond to customer needs, enhanced quality of service, in addition to joint-venture plant, the Friends also stepped up to the mainland of China home appliance brands in the product development and marketing cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win




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