3D TV in the TV industry, the escalating situation in the much overlooked towering

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TV industry to upgrade again in 2010, with the 3D movie Reying, businesses have been offering 3D TV. 3D TV will break the traditional terminal display, but 3D TV is not just the promotion of consumer replacement of the terminal display side of the problem, but full-chain problems. 3D TV to switch the TV industry as a whole chain of thought-provoking.

Eliminate the first test slightly better edge 3D TV

Along with the development of technology upgrade, color TV display technology products and features are constantly upgrading, product upgrading faster. Since December 26, 1970, since the birth of our first color TV, CRT TV's dominance continued for many years. Since 2004, flat panel TVs and gradually accepted by consumers in 2008, the first flat panel TV retail volume share of the retail share of more than CRT TVs, flat panel TV has become the first choice of consumers. With the LED technology in 2009 comprehensively enhance TV picture quality, lower power consumption, CCFL LCD TV LCD TV LED upgrade in front of consumers and by the attention of consumers, TV manufacturers have flocked to the continuous introduction of new products and lower commodity prices to attract consumers, but just when LED TV in full swing in 2010, the global TV industry, has launched a wave of 3D TV.

3D Film 3D TV trend propelled Reying

In 2009, a Hollywood film, "Avatar," the Reying sweeping across the world, triggered a global wave of 3D film, "Avatar" has become the largest ever produced, the most advanced 3D film technology. January 2010, "Avatar" for the first time landing in China and caused great repercussions in China, then China has successively shown in "Alice in Wonderland," "tame dragons in mind" and so on 3D movies. Can see that 3D movies are to unexpected speed alternative to traditional film, 3D technology will become the future of the film industry to assume a leading force in the chain, which will inevitably bring the whole industry, the rise of 3D technology, the film industry because the industry chain will 3D place completely changed.

3D animation film is not just technology companies the opportunity to also create a lot of peripheral products, home 3D viewing equipment ready. In 2010, the world's largest Consumer Electronics Show CES on the United States, Panasonic, Sony, LG and other TV giant would have launched its own 3D TV products.

According to the PRC, the retail monitoring data, as of May 2010 in 432 cities nationwide within the monitoring store 4039 to a total of five in the sale of 3D television brand, which covers the two foreign brands, three domestic brands, are Samsung, LG, Hisense, Changhong and TCL. 3D TV is on sale in the domestic brands, Samsung has dominated the retail volume share of 94.37 percent, share of other brands were LG 1.03%, TCL 0.03%, 4.42% Hisense, Changhong, 0.15%. Samsung is the first listing in our 3D TV manufacturers, the most profitable are often seen "The first person who dares to eat crab", of course, too early now to a conclusion, 3D TV is in its infancy, the future market Let us wait and see situation.

Unique style of 3D TV Times

3D stereoscopic LCD TV display, the LCD panel through precision cylindrical lens with a special screen, the encoded 3D video image processing independent left and right into the human eye, so that users do not need stereo glasses with the naked eye Experience three-dimensional feeling, while compatible with 2D images. 3D glasses type display technology can be divided into two major categories and the naked eye. In domestic sales now 11 (As of mid-2010, PRC, 5, 432 cities in the country within 4039 store monitoring data), 3D TV glasses type 3D display technologies are, must be by means of stereoscopic glasses to view , has not reached the naked eye, 3D stereo display.

3D TV is an early stage of development, the domestic sales of brand and product is not much we can with today's hot in the LED LCD TV features, dimensions and price comparison of the three areas to learn more about 3D TV.

1. Functions: LED LCD TV has a thin, high-quality, energy saving, environmental protection and rich features and functionality with high-end, most LED products with networking and digital integrated machine and so on. 3D LCD TV feature is based on the functional LED LCD TV to be perfect and unique 3D display, it is not difficult to see 3D TV not only has advanced LED LCD TV features, improve product performance, but also has to optimize the 3D display technology.

2. Dimensions aspects: LED LCD TV size from 19 inches to 72 inches, a total of 16 dimensions for consumer choice, but 3D TV size is from 40 to 72-inch 7-inch size, you can see 3D TV is now in size side also lack diversification, size rubbings to be on the show. Of course, this is only the beginning in 3D TV development perspective, in the early products of all products have some limitations and the space can be developed, as was the original flat-panel TV is only the large-size products, with the technical level on the rise and the upstream vendors increase in various size panels, has now reached all aspects of consumer demand.

3. Price: LED LCD TV with product technology matures, reduce production costs, so prices are steadily declining trend. 3D TV is an early stage of development because of its price relative LED LCD TV does not exist in terms of advantages. The same size from the point of view, an example of 55-inch products, LED LCD TV from January to May 2010 average price of 17,576 yuan, while the 55-inch 3D TV the average price of 24,987 yuan. 3D TV with size higher than the price of LED LCD TV prices, consumer products face such high prices discouraged, 3D television technology should be optimized to control the high cost price, which are popular with consumers.

Product optimize 3D TV 3D TV could be breaking the place to be still a lot of breakthroughs, such as: health and safety issues, as the eyes move rapidly back and forth, would easily cause eye fatigue. Still waiting for the introduction of relevant standards, China in order to guide the sound development of 3D TV market, China Electronics Standardization Institute began research to develop the relevant standards 3D television.

3D TV to become a consumer products for future purchase of the primary election, but also to overcome issues such as health and 安全 the Shang Yi Ji expand in size under the development, Jia Ge's high and so further optimization Chan Pin.

3D TV industry chain switching food for thought

The introduction of 3D TV, revolutionized the traditional print terminal display as an effective way to improve value-added industries. 3D TV not only brings more profit businesses space to consumers in new sensory and visual enjoyment. In such a situation seems to win, 3D TV want to get too widely in terms of the business is not easy. 3D TV's promotion was not just the consumer side of the issue of replacement of the terminal display, but also cover the entire 3D product content creation, program transmission, the contents of the receiver, and a full range of external devices industry chain problems. 3D TV to switch the TV industry as a whole chain of thought-provoking.




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