China,Japan and South Korea "fight" 3D Market

update: 9/2/2010 10:23:41 AM


Since entering in August, all the news on 3D television came in from the various manufacturers, the basic mainstream TV brands have been involved. A message from the latest TCL, China not only has taken the first branch of pure 3D commercials, also announced a few weeks after simultaneous listing of "polarizing-type", "shutter-style" two types of 3D Internet TV product.

Synchronous start, who the winner?

3D core technology is mastered foreign brands? "In 3D TV technology, no one dares to say the absolute leader." Industry experts have pointed out, such as basic digital TV era royalty company monopolized by a few, are gone.

Research on the three-dimensional display technology, in Japan and South Korea's TV business is almost synchronous. According to statistics, China's color TV industry together Qude 1,000 3D display technology patents, although in absolute terms is still lagging behind Japan and South Korea, and after the analog age, compared to the digital age gap, has been quite different.

To TCL, for example, early in the CRT era began TCL 3D development. In 2008, TCL as the president of China Association of stereoscopic video unit, leading the development of 3D TV in China industry standard image quality tests, the following year, they launched the world's first 3D television commercial naked eye. 2010, TCL released the first 3D Internet strategy, in August launched China's first 3D commercials, followed by polarized type and shutter-style 3D Internet TV will be fully listed. Precisely because of these accumulated in 3D technology, the Chinese color TV enterprises are no longer taboo to play "technology card."

Respective strengths, the three pillars of

Samsung seems to have lead in June more than 80% market share in China. However, analysis of an industry veteran, 3D TV market has not really started, the brand has a "killer." In the second half as the mass market 3D television market in Japan and South Korea will soon usher in "three pillars" period.

3D technology in Japan and South Korea each have advantages. Sony is a Japanese business representatives, its focus on "complete 3D layout of industrial chain," accounted for a "full" word. From shooting, programming, content-to-end player, Sony everywhere. Samsung's strategy is "fast." Although 3D development time, the Korean companies to lag behind China, the Japanese companies, but in the product launch was done at the earliest.

In contrast, TCL in 3D technology and product development appears to "fine", product positioning more accurate, more sophisticated application of technology. 3D technology for a patent has the largest Chinese companies, TCL is currently the only have the naked eye, subordinate, shutter three kinds of 3D viewing technology businesses. In 3D on the road, TCL has created many "firsts" in history: the first commercial launch of the naked eye 3D, the first to combine Internet technology with 3D TV, the first 3D commercials ... ... and many experienced TCL 3D TV private industry have said that in three-dimensional quality of the treatment, TCL is better than Korean brands.

Made the lead, expanding the market

For consumers, the gimmicks have been enough, but 3D TV is not really mature?

Analysts pointed out, 3D TV to enter the homes of ordinary people, faced with two problems: First, the content, the second is the standard. If these two can not solve the problem, 3D TV's development will certainly difficult.

It is understood that the content has become a bottleneck restricting the greatest obstacle to universal 3D TV, like "Avatar" as the source of high quality 3D films rarely. On the other hand, 3D TV technology standards are still not clear, not only the consumer's assessment of product quality, but also directly affect the user experience.

In addressing these two issues, TCL has made important progress. To enhance the 3D TV viewing comfort, convenience and health, and developed three major technology groups and the eight core technologies, such as the full format playback, delay interference, smart like a bit algorithms, 2D 3D applications such as technology transfer has been with the world leading level.




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