The largest3D LED TV unveiled. 3D experience into the era of IMAX

update: 9/26/2010 9:46:15 AM


The afternoon of September 25, LG Electronics was held in Beijing, The Place of the world's largest 3D LED TV -72 inch LG LEX9 meet the media and announced that this TV mass production. As the "largest in the history of the 3D LED TV", LG LEX9 distinguished appearance and 3D TV production set off a new trend of the industry, the TV experience into IMAX 3D era.
In the theme of "Journey through the LG 3D Wonderland," the event, this world's largest 3D LED TV placed almost at the Showcase on the height of a man. When you open the LG LEX9 72 inch TV, the picture seems to hang in the air, giant screen as the screen is almost filled the entire field of vision, like a 3D IMAX theater to enjoy the proximity to a sense of vastness. As the leading digital TV many years ago the trend of LG like LG LEX9 3D TV again, this time creating a family experience the IMAX 3D television era.

LG Electronics sales corporation long Jinlong Cheng Beijing speech
China Electronics Standardization Institute Director, Senior Engineer Zhang Subing attended the event, he said, "3D TV is a visual revolution, large size and health represents the trend of 3D TV, 3D TV should have a few good elements: First, screen should be large, the larger the size, the effect is more shocking; Secondly, should also have superior dynamic performance capabilities and color reproduction, which require backlighting for better and higher refresh rate; In addition, feelings about the brightness of the eye , color, clarity and other indicators should be consistent with a good degree. "

According to technical experts, LG Electronics, LG LEX9 doubt standard in the above areas are all very outstanding. 72 inches of LEX9 is truly the world's largest 3DLED TV, it brings the visual impact is extremely shocked. Combined with LG LEX9 frame design also uses stealth to make the picture look bigger, unimpeded field of vision.

FULL LED 3D the world's largest LCD TV LG LEX9
For real 3D LED TV core technology: LED backlight, refresh rate and the LCD panel, LG also excellent technology, leading the industry pioneer standards. LG unique new generation of LED backlight - FULL LED, combines LED backlighting and direct type-in LED backlight side of the advantages of LED backlighting will be distributed evenly throughout the screen. FULL LED backlight on the screen for accurate subregional thousands of backlight control, which greatly improve the picture contrast and brightness; the same time, LG's unique too fast 400Hz 200Hz refresh rate far exceeds the level of other major products, effectively eliminate blur, smearing, to avoid dizziness, visual health care of people. 8-speed refresh rate, even if the high-speed motion picture can be clear. IPS panel as accurate color reproduction, viewing angle advantages, so that when watching TV and more realistic colors. Extremely fast response to IPS screen, viewing 3D Drift Speed to ensure clear and exciting, too.

LG Electronics sales corporation long Beijing Jinlong Cheng said, "This is the first year the development of 3D TV, 3D TV by consumer attention. LG is proud to bring the best 3D product was first introduced to Chinese market with Chinese consumers to the perfect visual experience; and hope to 3D TV sales the first year as an opportunity to become a leader in the field of 3D TV. "

It is reported, LG LEX9 price close to a midsize sedan, known as the "3D TV in luxury." Though expensive, LG LEX9 is with technical superiority and luxury to become big business and high-end 3D TV's preferred fashion crowd, sales far exceeded expectations. In addition, in order to allow more consumers to experience the holiday of immersive 3D experience, LG's the variety of 3D TV will be in November across the country during the promotion, Buzz 3D TV sales climax.




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