When the wallpaper paste wherever television where

update: 11/22/2010 9:48:03 AM


When the wallpaper paste wherever television where

The future development trend of the display, multi-optimistic about the active organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) displays, it has a high color saturation, self-luminous and energy saving advantages, have the opportunity to replace the LCD display.

Taiwan, "ITRI" Display R & D Center, said deputy head Zhang melodious, AMOLED simple structure, high quality images, suitable for flexible displays, transparent monitors, high-end 3D monitor.

He said that in the past AMOLED display poor process yield, cost of materials is too high, life is not long. However, the end of 2006, AMOLED industry turnaround. In addition to access to mobile phones and MP3 players, sub-panel, high-end smart phone also received a high evaluation of the application, at present, each panel makers are actively Bureau of AMOLED display, Samsung Korea, the most active, is expected to produce 55-inch 2015 and 46 inch AMOLED TV.

Mature substrate flexible electronics technology, "display everywhere" has been non-dream thing. When not flexible substrate, the volume received in the machine box, pull on the line when needed, "information is from the 'cloud' to get", not the space and convenience.

"ITRI" "multi-purpose flexible substrate technology" program host Jane Lee noted that Taiwan's development of flexible substrates will be the first medium and small size, used in e-books, portable solar charger soft, smart phone, touch films and Health Medical equipment and other products, the future "can be the TV as 'wallpaper', come to that attached to that."




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