3D TV market of consumers wait and see mood freeze

update: 11/22/2010 10:04:10 AM


3D TV market of consumers wait and see mood freeze

2010, 3D sci-fi masterwork "Avatar" to create a wave of 3D boom. Major TV business have also take the opportunity to feast 3D concepts, 3D TV popularity trend seems close at hand. However, sales from the product point of view, is booming in the 3D TV market seems to be a representation. The current response from the market perspective, consumers are more concerned about the costs and the price of 3D TV viewing comfort and so on.

It is understood that many consumers that 3D TV is not mature enough, that shot the right time, the vast majority just keep watching. Professionals say, as of mid-August, 3D flat-panel TV sales accounted for only less than 5% of TV sales, even though "November" a large number of promotions during the launch of manufacturer, 3D TV is "selling very general."

Understanding of the field to the store found that the store is indeed a lot of people viewing experience, but really very few others bought. Experience of the U.S. stores in the country scene, just experience the complete effect of the consumer 3D television Mr. Gao told reporters, "3D TV prices actually quite expensive watch to wear 3D glasses always feel a little dizzy, his eyes very uncomfortable. In stores feel uncomfortable to see for a while, then moved back home often to see even more worrying. I think it still have to wait to buy 3D. "

Feedback not only from the store, with the 3D TV gradually rise, there have been some professionals on the current 3D technology mainstream shutter questioned.
The main focus of the viewing comfort and fatigue issues. China Video Industry Association and Orville three-dimensional joint consultation, 3D products and content consumption survey also shows that perceptions of comfort or health of a large extent influence the popularity of 3D TV.

The cold case of 3D TV, watch the cost remains high is another reason to discourage the consumer. Currently, consumers want to watch the 3D video, 3D glasses, 3D player, 3D film source, these three facilities are also indispensable. Subsequent use of high cost, no doubt so that consumers bear.

Some in the industry in 2010 is defined as "3D TV the first year", television manufacturers have to sniff out trends from such a huge business opportunity, stir a new 3D television concept, rapidly advancing market. But people should be cool to see, in rapid development, feedback from the consumer point of view there are a large number of 3D TV problem. It can be said, 3D television market is only one unripe apple, to really mature and be resolved as soon as comfort, cost and other problems; only with the price of civilians and comfortable viewing experience, 3D TV to enter the thousands of families in.




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