China's first 3D TV standard has completed final

update: 7/26/2010 12:47:38 PM


3D TV a huge part of the standard system is part of a substantive breakthrough. Ministry of Industry and AVS standard (Digital Audio Video Coding Standard) Working Group recently announced that China's first 3D television encoding and decoding standard was finalized recently, the Department recently has been putting them letters, GB Committee and other relevant state ministries and commissions for approval. Standard, if promulgated, will fill the TV standards in China 3D blank.

Games will test China's 3D standard water

Ministry of Industry and the Secretary-General Huang Tiejun AVS standard working group to the media, AVS has launched a complete intellectual property rights of China's first three-dimensional television system, the system has completed all the development work, whether standards or stereo codec other systems, both in China has a complete independent intellectual property rights. "China has not had its own 3D television encoding and decoding standards, the latest complete set of standards developed in China to fill the gaps in 3D TV standards," said Huang Tiejun.

Stereo Video Industry Alliance of China to our reporter said the Secretary-General Tang Bin, AVS progress of work can be said that 3D TV standard in China, "a key step out of." Although the standard system is very large, in addition to encoding and decoding, as well as transfer standards, health standards, end standards, and in the medical, military and other industry standard applications, but this year's Asian Games in Guangzhou, China's 3D TV standard system will have an initial The result, "the whole system will be validated during the Asian Games," Bin Tang said.

Wait enterprise support independent standards

Bin Tang stressed that China's success of 3D TV standards, the key is how the business of the response and the attitude of manufacturers.

"We are certainly willing to support the independence standards", Skyworth Group spokesman Shen Jian told this reporter that the standard is more conducive to self-made business knowledge and industry initiative. Konka TV Business Unit General Manager Huang Xinzhong market is that the Standard, not only to control the production cost of enterprises, but also allow consumers to enjoy more convenient products.

At present, the Chinese market, Samsung, LG, Hisense and a few other products have been the first to bring several of terminal sales. Meanwhile, Sharp, Toshiba and other products 3D TV is expected in August in the Chinese market.




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